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Ricky Reyes


Ricky has lived in San Antonio for over 10 years and continues to work at truly understanding the ebbs and flows of how the city and surrounding areas are growing.  His experience has allowed him to understand and become an expert at what he deems the top priorities for your needs:

  1. Be Honest & Trustworthy
  2. Be Available
  3. Follow Up

Ricky has a broad background that enables him to connect on many levels.  His focus, whether being in retail leadership or owning his own businesses, is always “People First”.  He has a reputation for being thorough, great attention to detail and works hard to exceed your expectations to ensure the complete process is handled with care. Whether you’re buying a home, selling your home or working to build your investment portfolio, Ricky understands this is a complex process, an experience and should be treated as such.



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