San Pedro Creek Project - San Antonio, TX

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The San Pedro Creek Culture Park is a park unlike any other in the city.  This 2 mile linear park lines the banks of the San Pedro Creek.  Incredible amounts of funding and planning have gone into making this Park one of a kind.  The Park showcases the City of San Antonio's history, culture, and art! 

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The project has been broken up into several phases and phase one has just been completed.  There will be a grand opening ceremony on May 5 from 12pm-9pm.  It is a family friendly event complete with food trucks, live music, children's activities, historical presentations, and an illumination ceremony.  

Take a look at the San Pedro Creek Project's website here.  There is so much information on the art and history that will be showcased when the project is complete.  There are also some great progress photos of the construction being done.