Home Renovation - 223 Rudolph

The process of a home transformation is an amazing journey.  There is an art in seeing the potential of something overlooked and being able to envision it's true potential.  

This home is located in San Antonio's east side.  This area of town has been experiencing a true revitalization.  

One of our most driven investors took on a project and the start of last year.  4 homes, side by side, rundown and ready for a new life.  One by one these homes were transformed into beautiful living spaces.  Floor plans were updated, beautiful original wood once hidden away was exposed, layer by layer these homes were stripped down and rebuilt.  Attention to detail was flawless. 

Below are photos of one properties transformation. Stay tuned for a look inside each of the 4 renovated homes.

Scroll down to see a video of the complete transformation of 223 Rudolph, San Antonio, TX ! 


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