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Cesar Chavarria


Cesar is a Texas native, born in Eagle Pass and moved to San Antonio over 15 years ago. His diverse background has blessed him with a rich knowledge of the San Antonio heritage by being an active member in the ACTS community, softball at Alpha Joe's, baseball with the Titans at Colt 45 and a member of the Real Estate Investors Association of San Antonio, which has led to a prosperous understanding of the multicultural needs of our beautiful city.

Cesar is a God driven family man who shares his passion in the real estate industry with his devoted wife, Monica. They are dedicated to building a positive future for their children. As compassionate as he is to his own family, he will be to yours and your needs. He has a profound background in the customer service industry. For the past two years, he has received the annual customer service award for exceeding customer expectations and maintaining a solid customer service reputation.


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