The Children's Shelter - Visitation Room Makeover

Room Makeover.png

We were honored to be a part of this beautiful project at The Children’s Shelter of San Antonio. Our partner, Terri Tunnel with Grand Purpose Foundation, said it best when she said:

May every child, every family member, every worker who spends time in the Visitation Room feel the love they are meant to feel here. May it be a place of healing and restoration.

To learn more about the great things going on at the Children’s Shelter or how you can get involved, click here!


3 Things To Do When Buying New Construction

New Home Build.png
  1. Hire an agent

    It is extremely important to have an agent that is not affiliated with the builder represent you. Most builders have agents present at each community but it will be greatly beneficial to have an outside agent representing your best interests. A great agent will guide you throughout the entire process.

  2. Research Lenders & Builders

    Look up reviews and even interview homeowners of a new build community you are interested in. Many builders have in-house lenders that may be offering bigger incentives than outside lenders could offer. This is not always the case. It is important to interview various lenders and search for your best option.

  3. Hire a third-party inspector

    Builders have their own inspectors that go over the new home build in order to close out permits, but the importance of having a third-party inspector can not be stressed enough. Be sure to review with the builder what is covered under warranty and what is not.